Sunday, November 21, 2010

During a trip to Wal-Mart recently, I found that Hard Candy has come out with a couple new colors.

I used three coats of 'sky', Halloween black with a Bundle Monster plate and called it a day. The base polish itself has a bit of a blue shimmer to it, that was caught in my photo along the corner of the bottle.

That's it for now. Later days!

Monday, November 8, 2010

I'm With Conan

Anyone who knows me knows I love Conan O'Brien. When NBC screwed him out of The Tonight Show, it was a sad, sad day. Until he got a new show on TBS, that airs tonight at 11 PM. In my excitement, I had to paint my nails for the occasion.

I used two coats of Halloween black nail polish, two coats of Halloween white nail polish, and two coats of Milani 'orange graph' as the bases. I then reused the Halloween white, black and Milani orange for the lettering/art, and a Halloween orange and black glitter for my right hand thumb.

Unfortunately, my hands look as though they've been through a garbage disposal. Oh well. Later days, everyone!

Saturday, November 6, 2010

This is what happens when you forget to upload things from your camera. I've had a couple of these for weeks now, but forgetfulness overcame me until tonight.

I did this for October 20th's 'wear purple' day. I used a franken purple, a halloween white, and Wet 'n Wild black.

Several months ago, I had gotten those cool looking layered nail polishes at Claire's. Unfortunately it did not work out very well, so I decided to shake the bottle. This lovely purple was the result. I then used a bundle monster plate over it with a Wet 'n Wild black.

This will probably forever be my favorite manicure. I used a Wet 'n Wild pink, Halloween bottle white, and Wet 'n Wild black. Mostly bundle monster plates were used with the larger bat from a Coraline Konad plate.

This is another polish I've had forever, but just recently have I been warming up to nude polish colors. Bundle monster plates were used with this, though not very well. Wet 'n Wild black and a silver Pure Ice for the crown.

This is from today. I think I love Hot Topic glitters. I used three coats of this teal glitter, and it has been on my nails for 2 days now with almost no problems at all. I'm very surprised, as most times, my nail polishes do not last through a night at work.

Hoping to get back into the swing of things, photos and all, as most of these are quite recent. Until then, later days!